How do Gorillas Sleep

How do Gorillas Sleep?

Gorillas sleep in nests they build everyday in the evening, each gorilla sleeps in their own except for the female gorillas and their young infants but when they infants have matured they also sleep in their own nests but next to their mothers.

How do Gorillas Sleep

Gorillas make new nests everyday and normally don’t sleep in the same area they build different nests even if the previous one of the day before is close, the nests are made of leaves and twigs they get from the vegetation around them, gorillas sometimes can sleep in the same nests but this is not common and often occurs when it rains.

During midday gorillas also build temporary nests where some take a nap while others are grooming and playing with each other. Gorillas can construct their nests on the ground or on trees depending on variables such as safety and vegetation round though females and infants always prefer to sleep on trees the Silverbacks hardly sleep on top of trees.

Gorillas live in social groups of 5-30 members being led by a dominant silverback that is responsible for the group daily activities. The dominating silverback also ensures the safety the group and will fight to death in case of any attacks just like the female mountain gorilla can fight for their loved one if any predator attacks.

When planning to trek mountain gorillas, tourists should come with good hiking boots, warm clothes, rain coats, insect repellents, drinking water, energy snacks, garden gloves, sun screen and so much more. potters are always available to help tourists with luggage at a good price. Tourists with infectious diseases like flu and children under the age of 15 years will not be allowed to trek gorillas, gorilla permits must be booked in advance of three months before coming in the country because of high demand.

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