Group Safaris Gorilla Trekking Guide

Booking gorilla trekking for group safaris has got no much difference with booking gorilla trekking for individual safaris. Mountain gorilla permits prices cost $600 in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda and $400 in Congo. The price of gorilla permits does not change according to an individual status but each individual planning to trek gorillas will pay the same amount for a permit.

Group Safaris Gorilla Trekking Guide

Booking mountain gorilla permits is always done in advance of 3-6 months in advance especially in Uganda because of high demand and this applies especially when booking permits in Uganda. Gorilla family allocation will depend on some factors so you will not be guaranteed that your whole group will trek together as one group.

How to plan Gorilla trekking for a large Group

When booking gorilla trekking for group safaris in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, it’s always advisable to book permits in advance so that you can obtain permits in one region of the park instead of getting permits in different sectors. Booking permits in one sector will give chance for the group to trek mountain gorillas in the same region and saves time instead of others moving to other regions for hours.

Booking permits in the same region of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park will also give the group a chance of sleeping in one hotel or lodge depending on availability. Sleeping in one lodge will reduce your expense in case rooms are to be shared by individuals.

Though mountain gorilla families are allocated according to age and physical ability, trekking a gorilla family in a group can be done if requested at the park headquarters in the morning of trekking but this can be done just in case there are a few people trekking on that date and the physical abilities of the other trekkers have been met.

When planning gorilla trekking for large groups, also keep in mind that only eight people are allowed to visit each mountain gorilla family in a day and a period of an hour is given for them to observe gorillas and take photos. Each sector has more than 3 gorilla families so you will have to be split according to the gorilla families available.

Sick people in the group will also not be able to see mountain gorillas because they are vulnerable to human diseases and they have no immunity to fight diseases this means any infection on one gorilla will lead to several deaths yet they are endangered.

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