Discounted Gorilla Permits (Offers Inside)

Gorilla trekking has turned out to be the most expensive tourists activity in Africa, mountain gorillas can be trekked in Virunga volcanoes and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are the most visited of the gorilla species and are a sub species of eastern gorillas. There are about 1000 mountain gorillas in the wild; gorilla trekking has greatly helped in the conservation of these great apes that were becoming extinct in the 19th century because of poaching, habitat loss, civil unrest and diseases.

Discounted Gorilla Permits

Discounted permits in Uganda

Uganda was the first country to offer discounted gorilla permits for tourists, the initiative was introduced when the country was celebrating her 50th independence and this was aimed at attracting more tourists in the country during the low season. The Uganda wild life authority introduced discounted gorilla permits in 2011 for low seasons of April, May and November. The discounted permits were introduced because of heavy rains during this months and also winter in Europe making it hard for tourists to travel and trek mountain gorillas.

The prices of gorilla permits was reduced from $600 to $450 during the low seasons and the lodges within the park also gave discount rates on accommodation which made it easy for budget travelers to afford the gorilla trekking experience.

The offer for discounted permits in Uganda ended in November 2017 though most lodges are still maintaining the discounted rates for tourists in the low season.

Discounted gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda

Rwanda offered discounted gorilla permits by reducing from $1500 to $1050 per person in the low months of May and November but to benefit from the discounted rates one had to spend extra days or nights in one of Rwanda’s national parks.

Discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda were introduced in 2017 after the normal price of gorilla trekking was increased from $750 to $1500. Rwanda offers luxurious gorilla trekking in Africa with the highest prices for gorilla trekking.

Discounted trekking permits in Congo

Congo offers the cheapest gorilla trekking permits both during the peak and low seasons, gorilla permits cost $400 in the peak season and reduce to $200 during the low season and this has made it easy for budget travelers to encounter the endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. Discounted gorilla permits are still available from 15th March to 15th May and 15th October to 15th December.

In conclusion, before travelling to encounter mountain gorillas in Africa one must know prices of gorilla permits in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo in order to plan well and also choose where your budget can fit and also don’t forget to check on the prices of lodges. One of the advantages of trekking mountain gorillas in the low season is that the parks are less crowded during this time and the mountain gorilla groups are also easy to find because food is ripe during this period so they don’t move far looking for food.

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