Bukavu City

Bukavu City

Bukavu City is found in the southwestern edge of Lake Kivu is located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The town was established in 1901 by the Belgian colonial government until 1954 by general Paul Costermans. Bukavu town was an ancient kingdom of the Bushi people, the main ethnic group that settled in the southern part of Lake Kivu region the kingdom was first known as Rusozi ruled by Muluzi Nyalukemba. The Bakavu name came later to mean “farm of cows” referred in the local word as “Bu’ Nkafu”.

Bukavu City Congo

The subtropical climate of the area attracted colonial population during their rule, Bukavu town is separated from Rwanda by the Ruzizi river, the estimated population is 707, 053 as per 2003 census. Bakavu is built on five peninsulas and has been described as a green hand dipped in a lake; it was a former administrative town of Kivu region but lost its status with the growth of Goma town.

Visit Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Beiga national park is situated near Bukavu town at the western bank of Lake Kivu, the park was established by a Belgian photographer Adrien Deshryver in 1970. The park derives its name from the two dormant volcanoes in the park that is Mount Kahuzi and Mount Beiga.

The park covers an area of 6,000 kilometers squared and home to eastern lowland gorillas and eastern chimpanzees that tourists can trek for an unforgettable lifetime experience. Kahuzi Beiga National Park harbors over 336 species of birds recorded including Ruwenzori turaco, Shelley’s crimson wing, 44 species of amphibians, 1,178 species of plants, 69 species of reptiles, various mammalian species and several primate species.

The Mysterious Lake Kivu & Idjwi Island

Lake Kivu is situated at the Congo and Rwanda border and its one of Africa’s great lakes with 28 species of fish recorded, it’s an ideal place for tourists to chill and relax from engaging in activities like Kayaking, boat cruises, swimming, and paddle boarding among the rest.

About 55 cubic meters of dissolved biogas are trapped within Lake Kivu, the lake has got several islands you can visit and have cultural encounters with the locals.

Idjwi Island located at Lake Kivu is the second largest island in Africa with a total area of about 370 kilometers squared; the island provides spectacular views of Lake Kivu. A clan-based society became a kingdom in Idjwi Island in the eighteenth century the people of the island have been spared from the surrounding war zones in the past in Rwanda and Congo.

Getting to Bukavu

Bukavu town can be reached from Rwanda through Cyangugu, from Goma town by road or through Lake Kivu and from Burundi via Uvira border. Tourists visiting Bukavu town can choose where to sleep in hotels ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury some of the hotels in Bukavu town include; hotel Horizon, Hotel la Roche, Hotel Orchid and many others. Bukavu city can be visited all year round.

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