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Bird Watching Safaris & Birding Species in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is situated in the south western part of Uganda covering an area of 321 kilometers squared characterized by montane forest patched with bamboo. The park is home to about 400 mountain gorillas, 120 species of mammals, 220 species of butterflies and so much more.

Though mountain gorilla trekking is the most commonly done activity in Bwindi national park, there are lots of other tourists activities that tourists can engage in before or after gorilla trekking in Bwindi. For bird entrusts, ensure to carry binoculars even while trekking gorillas.

Birding in Bwindi

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda, the park is home to 351 species of birds recorded and 23 of these species are endemic to Albertine rift, 10 of the 26 globally threatened species in Uganda, 76 Congo forest Biome species, 25 restricted range species, 4 of Lake Victoria biome species and 68 afro tropical island species.

Some of the examples of birds in Bwindi include; Chapin’s flycatcher, African green broadbill, Shelley’s crimson wing, white tailed crested flycatcher, red faced woodland warbler, western green tinker bird, handsome Francolin, yellow streaked greenbul, Ruwenzori batis, chestnut throated apalis, emerald cuckoo, common bulbul, blue headed sunbird, short tailed warbler, Grauers rush warbler, yellow rumped tinker bird, crested guinea fowl, pink footed puff bird, white headed saw wing, snowy crowned robin chat, African paradise flycatcher, dusky twin spot, African wood owl, African citril, Doherty’s bush shrike and Angolan swallow among the rest.

Gorilla trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking has become every tourists dream while visiting Africa, Bwindi is not only home to birds but to this great apes also. Gorilla trekking gives you a chance of getting close to human close relatives at only $600 and you are given and hour of observation and taking photos. Ehne visiting Bwindi for birding, ensure to also trek mountain gorillas.

Gorilla habituation

Gorilla habituation can be described as the process of making mountain gorillas used to human presence, this is done by a team of researchers who visit the gorilla family daily for a period of about 2-3 years. Tourist have a chance of joining researchers in habituation process at only $1500 just like the cost of gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda. Gorilla habituation gives you more four hours unlike trekking where u spend only an hour with gorillas.

The best place for birding in Bwindi is in Buhoma at the waterfall trail, Mubwindi trail in Ruhijja, Munyaga river trail and near farmlands.

Best time for birding in Bwindi

Birding in Bwindi national park can be done all year round but the best time to visit is from November to April when the vegetation is not very thick making it easy to spot birds and migratory birds from north Africa and Europe are also present during this time.

Where to sleep

There are a lot of accommodation options in Bwindi ranging from camping, budget, mid range and luxurious. Where to sleep will depend on tourists choice and budget but if your going to trek gorillas, ensure to book accommodation in the sector where you acquired permits from.

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