Best Places to see Chimpanzees in Uganda

Uganda, also known as “The Pearl of Africa”, has been known the primate capital of Africa with the highest primate species in and outside the African continent including the highest number of the endangered mountain gorillas only found in three countries in the world and chimpanzees respectively. When it comes to chimpanzee trekking, you have to know the best place to see chimpanzees in Uganda and below are some of them.

Best Places to see Chimpanzees in Uganda

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest national park is situated in western Uganda covering an area of about 766 kilometres squared. The park is the best place for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, its home to habituated chimpanzees and 12 other primate species like L’Hoest monkey, Ugandan Mangabey, red colobus monkey, blue monkey, black and white colobus monkey and bush babies among the rest. The park is also home to about 325 species of birders recorded.

Kibale forest national park offers tourists a chance of joining researchers and rangers of the park in their day to day activity of chimpanzee habituation, Chimpanzee habituation is the process of making chimpanzees get used to human presence. This can be done in the low months of April, May, March and November. Permits in Chimpanzee forest national park cost $150 per person and this includes park entry and guide fees.

Budongo Forest

Budongo forest is one of the best places for tracking chimpanzees in Uganda and boasts with the highest number of these great apes, Budongo forest is situated near Murchison falls national park in North western Uganda. Permits for tracking chimpanzee in Budongo forest cost $80 per person per trek, the only lodge in the forest is Budongo eco lodge but tourists can sleep in lodges at Murchison falls national park or Masindi the nearest town.

Budongo forest in the second best place for tracking chimpanzees in Uganda and you can combine your chimpanzee trekking with wildlife game drives at Murchison Falls National Park.

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura gorge also known as the valley of apes is found at Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda, the one hundred meter gorge has got one of the most spectacular views of Uganda. Chimpanzee tracking can be done at the great Kyambura gorge though it’s not the best place for tracking you will also encounter other primates like giant forest hogs, black and white colobus monkeys and various species of birds.

Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu forest is also located in the western part of Uganda at Queen Elizabeth national park one of the most visited tourist’s destinations in the country, the forest is home to about 220 chimpanzees, 444 species of trees, 379 species of birds, 97 moths and about 262 species of butterflies. There are over 70 habituated chimpanzees at the forest making it better than Kyambura gorge.

There is no accommodation at Kalinzu forest except a camping site so visitors tracking chimpanzees from the forest can sleep at the lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park or camp. Kalinzu forest also has the best walking trail for nature walks at Queen Elizabeth national park.

In conclusion Kibale forest national park and Kalinzu forest are the best places for tracking chimpanzees in Uganda. Tourists can also visit the orphaned chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

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