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Bageni Gorilla Family Members, Silverback Name & Location

Bageni mountain gorilla family inhabits Gatovu and Bukima areas of Virunga national park, the family was formed in 2013 when silverback whom the group derives the name from broke away from Kabirizi gorilla family to start up his own group.

Bageni mountain gorilla family was one of the lucky gorilla groups with twins who unfortunately passed away at a very young age, Bageni left Kabirizi gorilla family with 20 individuals including his own mother Mapendo. Mafuko the silverback also gave birth to twins who unfortunately passed away at a young age.

Kabirizi gorilla family

Kabirizi mountain gorilla family is the family in which Bageni mountain gorilla family was formed she Bageni took away 20 individuals to form his own gorilla family. Kabirizi mountain gorilla family was at first known as Ndugutse mountain gorilla family but the name changed to Kabirizi being named after an ICCN director who died of a traffic accident in the 1990s.

Other activities in Virunga national park

Visit Senkwekwe orphanage

The Senkwekwe orphanage was created in 2010 to take care of orphaned mountain gorillas victimized by animal traffickers and poachers. Senkwekwe is the first established gorilla orphanage in the world. The gorillas are offered daily care by experts in an enclosed forest near the park headquarters.

Visit Tchegera island

Tchegera island is the perfect place to relax from after gorilla trekking or volcanic climbing at Virunga national park. The island is situated off the northern shore of Lake Kivu, the island provides spectacular views of four of the Virunga ranges, perfect flora and fauna of Lake Kivu. Tourists can use local canoes to explore the island, engage in sport fishing, swimming and so much more.

Volcanic climbing

One can do volcanic climbing at Mount Nyirangongo at 3,470 meters above sea level and mount Nyamuragira at 3,058 meters above sea level. Mount Nyirangongo larva lake is the most voluminous larva lake in the world while mount Nyamuragira is the most active volcano and it has  erupted at least 40 times since 1885.

Gorilla permits

Congo offers the least expensive mountain gorilla permits that can be afforded even by budget tourists, the cost of each permit per person is $400 in the peak season and $200 in the wet season.

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