Backpacking while Gorilla Trekking

Backpacking while Gorilla Trekking

Backpacking is an adventure that blends hiking with back-country hiking, it’s usually at a low cost and independent travel, sleeping in less expensive hotels, using public transport for travelling and the tour always takes many days. Some back packs have options where you can detach a small day back from the main pack.

Backpacking while Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is the most expensive tourists activity in Africa, the cost of gorilla permits alone is very high without including transportation and accommodation this has made it hard for budget travelers to experience gorillas in the wilderness but the good news is that backpacking is the cheapest option they have for gorilla trekking.

While on a gorilla trekking safari, your backpack should include a small bag, drinking water, energy snacks, insect repellent, sun screen, sun glasses, a hat and many other small essentials you might need during the trek.

Backpacks should always not be heavy while trekking because trekking gorillas alone is very tiresome as you have to hike to the jungle with muddy and slippery trails with rain falling on you sometimes. Your backpack should be comfortable to avoid back pain during the trip that’s why its advisable to move with rain proof material or alternatively buy a rain proof cover for the back pack.

Gorilla trekking not just any other simple safari activity, when planning to trek mountain gorillas you need to be physically fit and there is also a list of things you should come along with and this include; water proof hiking boots, insect repellents, plenty of drinking water, sun screens, rain coats, warm and long sleeved clothes and garden gloves among the rest.

Gorilla permits prices differ depending on the country where you will trek gorillas from, Uganda is the best option for backpackers to trek gorillas from because they have cheaper permits compared to Rwanda though Congo offers the lowest prices on gorilla permits, they civil unrest in the country makes it hard for tourism. Permits in Rwanda cost $1500 per person, $600 in Uganda per person and $400 in Congo per person for peak season and $200 during the low season.

Just in case your backpack is heavy, there are always porters available in all gorilla trekking national parks that will help with the luggage at an affordable price.

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