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This is one of the many lakes that make up the Great Lakes region. This lake sits at the border of Rwanda and D.R Congo. It is swallowed within the Western arm of East African rift. It has a connected wetland system with Lake Tanganyika by River Ruzizi. It’s the biggest in Rwanda, and classified as 18th lake among deepest by maximum depth globally.

It has an abundant ecosystem and the lake’s interior has a fair number of small islands such as Idjwi (largest in this lake), and Paradis Malahide. It is a fresh water lake and has a vibrant presence of fish species. On calm weather days, fishing activity is a common practice on the lake.

Boat cruises on Lake Kivu.

This is the most exciting boat cruising spot in Rwanda. Being the 6th largest lake on African continent is another important factor to that excitement since there is a vast area to explore while on a boat cruise. The lake has huge landing areas of Karongi, Cyangugu, and Rubavu that have fair accommodations and resting grounds for tourists.

Another fascinating feature is that the lake has no presence of crocodiles like some of the other few lakes in Rwanda and no registered presence of hippopotamuses. This renders the lake danger free for any ordinary tourist.


While on boat cruises, tourists enjoy sight of the beautiful clear waters with blue-sky reflection in the shallow waters. There are hundreds of water birds too and therefore bird watchers get a satisfying glance. These come to the shores, to either hunt for food or rest along underlying water plants. The lake’s islands are also a great fascination.

Vegetation on most of the islands is glamorous and usually escorted by the chattering of birds therein. There are also beautiful views of the fishermen carrying out their activities with in shallow ends of the lake. They also sing songs which when heard by a visitor, are alien and beautiful, as they sail across the lake especially in later hours of the day.

Extensive attraction to the lake is its general safety. Swimming is therefore a common activity for most tourists who enjoy the coldness of fresh water.

The wetland vegetation close to most parts of the lake’s shores such as papyrus and similar water plants. Sometimes, cattle can be seen swimming and crossing over the lake. It is such a rare experience to come by.

Best time to take part in the boat cruise.

The best time for boat cruising on Lake Kivu is during tropical Africa’s dry seasons. These seasons extend for considerably long periods and therefore give visitors ample time to enjoy cruises. The most convenient months are December – February and July – September.

Where to stay?

There are comfortable accommodation places closer to the lake within neighboring towns and some of these include Karongi Lake View Retreat, Kivu Paradise Resort, Moriah Hill Hotel, Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, among others. The type of accommodation services sought generally depend on the visitor’s budget and interests.

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