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5-Day Trekking Adventure in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

Searching for an authentic 5-Day Trekking Adventure in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains?

Discover Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park on a 5-day trekking tour that promises unparalleled natural beauty and wildlife encounters.

Traverse rugged terrains, from grassy plateaus to soaring peaks, and spot unique species like the Gelada Baboon and Ethiopian wolf.

Ideal for avid trekkers and nature lovers, this Ethiopia tour combines physical challenge with the awe of Ethiopia’s breathtaking landscapes, offering an unforgettable adventure in one of Africa’s most iconic mountain ranges.

4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Highlights

5-Day Simien Mountains Trekking Tour Highlights

  • Day 01. Flight to Gondar – Drive to Simien Mountains
  • Day 02. Trek Sankaber to Geech
  • Day 03. Geech to ImetGogo to Siha Gorge to KedaDit to Geech
  • Day 04. Geech to Innatye to Chennek
  • Day 05. Chennek to Gondar

Detailed 5-Day Simien Mountains Trekking Tour Itinerary

Detailed 4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Itinerary

Day 01. Flight to Gondar – Drive to Simien Mountains

Take an early flight to Gondar.

A car will pick you up at the airport and drive you 100 kilometers north through the Ethiopian highlands to Debark, a small town with 35,000 residents that is located near the entrance of the well-known Simien National Park.

We drive out on a bumpy road to the Sankaber area, which is at around 3,100 meters sea level, after a brief stop to complete paperwork at the national park headquarters and to pick up the cook and scouts.

From there, we do a quick two to three hour walk to aid in the acclimatization process.

First, we are treated to an amazing picture of the striking mountain range, along with several typical plants found in the area, such as large ericaarborea Heather Trees, hypericumrevulutum St. John swort, and rosaabissinica, the Abissinian wild rose.

Additionally, the greatest concentration of Gelada Baboons is located in this region.

Overnight at Sankaber, 3,250masl.

Day 02. Trek Sankaber to Geech

You will start your hike from Sankaber, following the ridge, and you will be able to see the foothills 800 meters below.

You can witness the Geech Abyss be filled in by the Jinbar River as you descend into the valley from the ridge.

After spending some time viewing the waterfall, you will proceed to the settlement of Geech, where you can find your second campsite.

Overnight Camping at Geech. 3,580masl.

Day 03. Geech to ImetGogo to Siha Gorge to KedaDit to Geech

At Geech Campsite, following breakfast, you’ll take a leisurely stroll across the grassy plateau inhabited by the plants known as Giant Lobelias.

You will arrive at ImetGogo, which offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Simien Mountains, after around two hours.

This is where you will have a 360-degree view of the breathtaking scenery after ascending to a height of 3,926 meters.

From this elevation and vantage point, you can see far-off peaks, the canyon below, and what seems like endless lowlands.

You will make your way back to Geech from here, but not before stopping for lunch in Siha Gorge.

You’ll have time to unwind after the hike when you return to Geech.

You can choose to go on a quick KedaDit sunset trek before dusk falls. Spend the night at Geech again.

Overnight Geech Campsite. 3,580masl.

Day 04. Geech to Innatye to Chennek

You begin your seven-hour journey to one of the most breathtaking mountain passes at Geech after breakfast.

You will hike southeast from the campsite to Innatye, where you will pass through the wide grasslands along the ridgeline and descend into a giant hazel woodland.

You’ll understand why Innatye was given the local nickname “mama mia” once you ascend to the top to observe the sheer drop.

After eating lunch here, you’ll travel to Chennek, where you can see plants and animals including Gelada baboons and Walia ibex.

You will spend the night at Chennek’s campsite 3,620masl.

Day 05. Chennek to Gondar

After a two-hour trek to the Buwahit summit, breakfast is served at the campground.

Standing here, at 4,430 meters above sea level, is the Simien Mountains’ second-highest summit.

It’s here that a lot of tourists can witness endemic species, such as the Ethiopian Wolf and Walia Ibex.

You will travel back to Gondar in the late afternoon to catch the jet back to Addis after hiking back down to Chennek for lunch after spending some time at the peak.

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