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4-Day Wildlife Safari in the Simien Mountains – Nature’s Splendor

Embark on an exhilarating 4-day adventure in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This 4-Day Wildlife Safari in the Simien Mountains takes you through the heart of the mountains from Gonder, offering a unique opportunity to witness the endemic Gelada Baboon and diverse flora.

Experience the thrill of camping and hiking amidst stunning landscapes, including majestic waterfalls and panoramic views.

Ideal for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers, this Ethiopia tour combines breathtaking natural beauty with rich biodiversity, making it a must-visit destination in Ethiopia.

4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Highlights

4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Highlights

  • Day 1. Fly Addis Ababa – Gonder
  • Day 2. Simien Mountains
  • Day 3. Simien Mountains
  • Day 4. Simien Mountains – Addis Ababa

Detailed 4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Itinerary

Detailed 4-Day Simien Mountains Safari Itinerary

Day 1. Fly Addis Ababa – Gonder

Fly to Gonder in the morning, and then drive to the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia’s only UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, after arriving at the airport.

You will be able to take in and enjoy the scenery of Northern Ethiopia as you drive.

As we arrive in the Simien Mountains, we set up camp and visit a nearby location to observe the Gelada Baboon group.

Known by the moniker “bleeding heart baboon.”

All over Ethiopia, but especially in the Simien Mountains, is home to the endemic Gelada Baboon.

Its main food sources are plants, grasses, and roots, but it also eats insects like locusts.

Geladas live on the rim of the escarpment and its steep slopes, where they seek cover from oncoming danger.

Short walks around the Simien Mountains will allow you to see more Gelada’s and their breathtakingly magical scenery.

Spending the night at Sankaber Campground.

Day 2. Simien Mountains

After breakfast in the morning, you will trek along the escarpments in search of big populations of Gelada Baboons.

Giant heather, juniper, Haginiaabyssinica, St. John’s wort, and other related species make up the majority of the Afro-montane forest that covers the Sankaber Campsite region.

You will stroll along an ancient volcanic ridge to reach the Jimbar waterfall, which is among the highest in the world.

You will enjoy a picnic lunch and some downtime around the waterfall area, taking in the beautiful scenery.

Before you drive back to the lodge, you will take more time to take pictures of the Geladas with the most breathtaking views of the mountains.

Here are also fantastic views of red-billed choughs and the nests of lammergeiers and Rüppel’s vultures.

Spending the night at Sankaber Campground.

Day 3. Simien Mountains

Following breakfast in the morning, we will travel to the site of the Chennek camps (3,620m).

You should see more Gelada monkeys at Chennek, where there are once more breathtaking mountain views.

At this highest point in the mountain range, the scenery gets more and more breathtaking the higher we go.

Next, you will travel by car from Chennek to Ethiopia’s second summit, BwahitPass 4,200 meters above sea level.

Good views of the striking ImetGogo and Inatiye rock formations can be had from the Bwahit Pass.

There are also increased opportunities to see the Ethiopian Wolf, one of the most endangered mammal species in the world, and the endemic Walia Ibex (Capra ibex Walia).

Camping for the night at Chennek Campground.

Day 4. Simien Mountains – Addis Ababa

Drive back to Gander after breakfast, spend some time exploring the camp in case you spot any wildlife, and take an afternoon flight to Addis.

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