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Experience the wonders of Egypt and the immortal spectacles of the ancient civilization with our 8 days Cairo and Nile Cruise Tour. Unleash your inner adventurer with this incredible opportunity to feast your eyes on the wonders of Cairo and enjoy panoramic views of the Giza Pyramids and the mighty Sphinx, as well as board a 5* Deluxe Nile cruise between Luxor and Aswan, which will take you to the golden Karnak temple, the Luxor temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Kom Ombo temple, the Philae temple, the Edfu temple, the Abu Simbel temple, and many archaeological milestones. Book your adventure in the Land of Pharaohs today!

Day 1
Upon arrival at Cairo International Airport, our representative will meet you and guide you through the formal procedures at Cairo International Airport to have a quick approval on your entry.Upon completion, you will meet your tour guide, who will be waiting for you outside the airport. Your tour guide will then take you to your hotel in a private A.C. vehicle to have a smooth check-in and to relax. After that, you will be transferred from your hotel to have a special Dinner Cruise on board a beautiful Nile River Cruise. You will be able to watch some of the best Dervish shows while enjoying your dinner in a buffet style dining room. After dinner, we will transfer you back to your Cairo hotel for the night.

Day 2
You’ll start your day with a delicious breakfast and then your personal tour guide will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the location that includes one of the seven wonders of the world:
The Giza Pyramids complex is one of the oldest attractions in the world and will be your first place to discover during your tour. It has been standing there for the past 4000 years and includes three main pyramids, six small pyramids, the great sphinx and the house of immortality, the Valley temple. You will not find a better opportunity to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World than at the Giza Pyramids. The great pyramids of Khufu are the largest and most impressive pyramids among the other pyramids in Giza complex. King Khufu decided to continue the building projects of his father, Sneferu, which made him build a truly unique attraction. Another impressive structure is the Giza Sphinx, which was built during the reign of Khafre the son of Khufu. The face of the Sphinx has the features of the King himself and the body of a lion.

At the Valley Temple, you must have heard countless stories about the Mummification and purification of the mummies that were left behind by the Egyptians of the ancient dynasties. The Temple was the place that witnessed these amazing processes, so don’t miss your chance to visit and enjoy hearing stories from your tour guide of how the ancient Egyptians managed the ancient Egyptians to create such an incredible accurate system with certain beliefs.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a golden portal that leads to the ancient Egyptian creations of celestial intelligence that were created over 5000 years of constant innovation and artistic imagination. The Grand Egyptian Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the greatest archaeological monuments and artifacts that have ever been created, including: Hanging Obelisk Statue of King Ramses II, The 10 Statues King Senusret,Grand staircase Statues of Pythagoras, Kings and Queens, Victory Column, King Merneptah, epic royal regalia, Grand atrium & Gift show.

After lunch, we’ll take you to enjoy your delicious Iunch in a beautiful pyramid/nile view restaurant, and then you’ll be taken on a private tour with an Egyptologist guide to uncover the secrets and mysteries inside the impressive Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian Museum is one of Egypt’s most popular tourist attractions, and it houses some of the largest ancient Egyptian collections, including some research treasures that were buried with the dead and some of the most famous treasures that have ever been found, so make the most of your time in such an incredible setting. Once your tour is complete, we will transport you to your accommodation in Cairo for the night.

Day 3
Start your day with your breakfast at our 5* Hotel in Cairo, then we’ll take you to Cairo International Airport to catch your flight to luxury. When you arrive, you’ll join your tour guide to embark on another breathtaking tour to explore some of the most stunning tiptop sites in the eastern bank of Luxor, including:The Karnak Temple, the Karnak Temple is the resting place of the soulful souls of ancient Egypt. It was also known as Ipet-isu, The Most Selected of Places, and Pr-lim House Of Amon. It was constructed over 4,000 years ago and is one of the largest religious structures on earth. It was the center of ancient Egyptian civilization for over 1500 years and was dedicated to numerous deities such as the great god Osiris, the god Montu, the god Ptah, and the goddess Isis. However, it was mainly dedicated to the Theban triad which included God Amun and his wife the goddess of Justice Mut and the son the moon god khonsu.

We’ll take you to check in to your 5* luxury Nile Cruise to enjoy our lunch and relax and then, in the evening, you’ll be taken to another beautiful tourist destination that draws tourists from all over the world. Visiting Luxor Temple at night is one of the best things you can do while visiting Luxor. It is said that the best way to visit the temple is at night, especially when you tour around the rows of sphinx in front of it. It makes you feel like you are in a movie full of adventure. After your tour, you will be taken back to your Nile Cruise for spending the night.

Day 4
In the morning, you’ll enjoy breakfast on board your Nile Cruise, and then you’ll join your guide to explore some of Luxor’s best attractions, including: The Valley of the Kings is a sacred passageway to the realms of true beauty and bliss. It was the burial place of the Egyptian Kings and Queens of the New Kingdom (1570 – 1070 BC). It contains 63 tombs full of treasures and artifacts, statues, and magical decorations, as well as the remains of Pharaohs such as Ramses I, Ramses II, Ramses III, Ramses IV, Ramses V, Ramses VI, Ramses VII, Ramses VIII, Ramses IX, and Ramses X. The most popular of these is Ramses the Great. In 1979, Valley of the Kings was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Hatsepsut temple, also known as the Djoser-Djeresseru “Holy of Holyies”, is a stunning embodiment of the imagination of Ancient Egypt’s civilization. It is a stunning structure of one of Egypt’s most successful rulers, Hatshepsut, the queen of Ancient Egypt. Built in 1479 B.C. in Egypt’s New Kingdom, the temple took 15 full years to complete. The design of the temple is inspired by the style of classical architecture of the new kingdom. Inside the temple, you will find some of Egypt’s most captivating artifacts and sculptures.

The Colossi of Memnon, two blocks of quartzite sandstone weighing 720 tons each stand at the height of 18 meters (60 feet) and are in the shape of the pharaoh Amenhotep II (1386-1350). The Colossi have protected LuXor for centuries, but were heavily damaged in a large earthquake in 27 BC and rebuilt in 199 AD. The Colossi became well-known during the period of Greco-Romanism because of Memnon’s phenomenal act of singing at dawn, which was nothing more than the sound of wind passing through the statue. Finally, you will be transferred back to your Nile Cruise to have your lunch while sailing and spend the rest of your day, and overnight on board.

Day 5
In the morning, you will board a horse carriage with your tour guide to be taken to:The temple of Edfu on the western bank of the Nile is one of Egypt’s most significant monuments. Built between 237 and 57 BC during the time of Ptolemy I, the temple’s walls contain some of the most significant information on language, mythology, and religion in Egypt during the period of Hellenism.

The Kom Ombo Temple is a double temple that was built during the Ptolemy dynasty and has some additions that were added during the Roman period. The temples were dedicated to the crocodile gods Sobek and Horus the elder. After your unforgettable tour, you will return to your boat to start sailing towards Aswan, and upon arrival, you will spend the night on board the Nile Cruise.

Day 6
Enjoy our breakfast and then head to the Nubian City of Aswan. Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for most tourists. Here are some of the places you’ll be visiting with us:The High Dam Aswan High Dam is a modern achievement by the Egyptians that was constrUCted with the financial support of UNESCO to protect the ancient Egyptian monuments from the danger of
the flood of the Nile and it also has a huge effect nowadays as it is the main source of pOwer and
It improves the state of life in Egypt a lot.

The Unfinished Obelisk. It is the largest obelisk to be ever built by a man and it was actually built by Queen Hatshepsut as a complementary to the Lateran Obelisk. She intended to send it to Karnak to be placed in front of the gates of the Karnak Temple but its top gets cracked, and she decided to leave it in its current place in Aswan.

Philae Temple, It is a truly picturesque temple in Aswan that sits on Aqlika Island that was moved to its cUrrent location after the constrUction of
the High Dam. The most interesting thing about the Philae Temple is that it rose to prominence during the Ptolemaic Dynasty as the center of the cult of the goddess Isis. After, you will be transferred back to your Nile Cruise to have your lunch and overnight on the board of your Nile Cruise.

Day 7
In the morning, take a tour of the Nile Cruise and then join your personal tour guide on a breathtaking journey to AbUSimbel. Upon arrival, you’ll experience the magic of Abu simbel.
Today, you will have the opportunity to visit the best, largest, and most impressive temples of Ancient Egypt. Here, you will find two magnificent temples. One of these temples was dedicated to the Pharaoh Ramses II, and he chose to attach it to his birthday and his coronation days in what we now call the Sun Festival. He also wanted to show his love for his wife Nefertari, so he built a smaller temple dedicated to her.
While having a good time visiting Abu simbel, you will have a tasty lunch at a restaurant in Aswan. You will be transferred to Aswan international airport to catch your flight back to Cairo. You will then be transferred to your luxurious hotel overnight.

Day 8
After breakfast at the hotel, you will check out and then we will drive you to Cairo International Airport by air-conditioned car to catch your flight home and wrap up your Egypt tour.

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