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Africa Honeymoons are very romantic. Take on our honeymoon safaris in Africa and romantic getaway holiday travel packages at the best rates. Marriage is one of the best decisions anyone can take. An African honeymoon vacation should be properly planned and should be an unforgettable lifetime experience because it comes once. A passionate African honeymoon vacation remains in the soul for eternity. Africa is a place to be for a memorable first-time romantic getaway.

Some of the highlights of African honeymoons are balloon flights, hikes in the forest, game viewing experiences, gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking among the rest. You can also go birding in lonely places. Birds will definitely help you mere fact that these birds are life partners will make you choose to strengthen your bond the more because they are an awesome creation. Celebrating African honeymoons through extensive beach holiday tours as you have series of intimate moments is great too. Nature walks, cultural encounters and horse-back riding in the wilderness are great honeymoon activities too. See our recommended African honeymoon destinations below.

Best Honeymoon Safaris in Africa at Unbeatable Rates.

Nowhere is like Africa, An exceptional destination gifted with a large range of flora and fauna all over its wilderness, with mammals, and birds wandering with freedom. Make each moment of your love safari very jovial in personal intimate romantic vehicles, camps, and lodges isolated in a very quiet environments overlooking amazing features. The wilderness and beaches in East Africa offer a perfect relaxing atmosphere for all honeymooners to the continent; they offer the absolute quality of experience, with gifted game parks easily accessible and affordable. For luxury, you can stretch to South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, and Seychelles. Traveling for honeymoon has no time limit, any time and every time deserves love.

Kenya is One of the best countries on earth that offer unforgettable honeymoon packages to all lover birds in romantic lodges and world-class accommodation facilities that will suit the honeymoon plans, with a possibility of tailoring products to meet your desires. Together with your partner, visit Masai Mara National Reserve, a top wildlife asylum and famous safari destination in Africa with numerous wild gems such as lions, Buffalos, and Elephants among others, besides this, it is renowned for hosting the annual wild beast migration from Serengeti national to Kenya for greener pastures. Lamu Island, the desert beaches, Lake Nakuru famous for large flamingos are other additional honeymoon spots to consider.

For a honeymoon, Visiting Tanzania is the best option, with all its destinations open to visitors all year round. Ngorongoro crater is the first wander you don’t want to miss, with amazing architectures, and classic design, and various wildlife including mammals, birds and unique plant species. Also, another famous treasure is Serengeti national park gifted with an unnumbered size of wildlife in its vast wilderness, and a central point of focus in June to October. As the world witnesses the massive annual wild beast migration from the park to Masai Mara in Kenya in search for food and water. Just a few kilometers for Tanzanian mainland are a historical destination, famous for classic beaches, beautiful ancient design, and fascinating plantations. It is one of the remarkable destinations for honeymoon safaris with the spread option of activities to engage in.

Known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is one of the best destinations to spend your honeymoon vocation, it is the only destination that combines and rewards vacists with a wide range of exciting adventure, game viewing nature walk, local cuisine to taste and many more. Visit Murchison falls national park and sight the most powerful waterfall in the world as well as having a relaxed evening in the honeymoon track. Visit your relatives in Kibale Forest, Mgahinga or Bwindi Forest National Park; look out for Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which is home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas, won’t be a wrong choice. Don’t take your honeymoon for granted it is a lifetime experience done once and for all, so check your bucket list and add Africa as that ultimate destination for your honeymoon holiday.

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