Some of the best mountain climbing and hiking safaris are found in Africa. Mountaineering comes in full gear in Africa with some of the world’s best mountain hiking destinations. Africa is the most visited continents in the world by professional hikers. When you planning your holidays in Africa, hiking safaris is one of the best options you ought not to miss. The beauty of Mount Rwenzori in Uganda (Also famously known as the Mountain of the Moon) & the bravery of Mount Nyiragongo in Democratic Republic of Congo are very great sights. Taking on some of our hiking safaris will reward you with a true African mountaineering experience. Physical challenges involve exercising your body and getting too close to nature. Our hiking safaris take place in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda) and also in D.R. Congo.

What you need to know is that east Africa is one of the best and blessed region in Africa. In this region you find lots of valleys, hills, Volcano Mountains and great physical features. Experiencing Africa’s wild zones is necessary to the vast majority of our outings, and there’s no preferable path over by walking. Mountain climbing safaris in Africa are totally unique and offers an absolutely better approach for understanding your environment and testing your physical strength.