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While in a fly-in safari, you will use a light aircraft to move from one touristic destination of interest to another. This offer comes with numerous advantages, first of all, you will be able to reach your destination in time to see and do various activities within the allocated time, maximizing your vacation time, get the opportunity to experience Africa’s amazing panorama view from the air, it adds excitement to the adventure! Exposes you to the territory that you are traveling through as your guide will explain everything, right from the vegetations, mammals, and wildlife from the air, showing you various mountains in the continent, various facts of the vast plains and the meandering rivers.

The safari enables you to reach some of the most remote places and yet very interesting, it draws you closer to some hidden treasures such as the scenic Zambezi River, and its adjacent gorges, the Okavango Delta, Victoria falls that ranks among the seven wonders in the world, spot the zigzag blue water streams, covered by thriving vegetation and school of hippos and crocodiles, elephants to mention but a few. On this note, with a simple glance from your window, you will catch the different attractions.

Also, one can fly to Murchison falls national park to have a close view of the most powerful waterfalls in the entire world as well as a golden chance of sighting rainbow right in front of you, navigate Serengeti national park in Tanzania and grab a clear view of the wild beast crossing from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara in Kenya during their annual migration in search for greener pastures. Fly over the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and watch its beauty, Head to the Virunga ranges and visit the Mountain Gorillas plus so much more to explore. Flying safaris are so rewarding, time-saving, safe and interesting, book with us your flying safari today and let’s take you to the African fresh airs.

Scheduled and chartered flying safaris in Africa or helicopter tours are a great way to cut on driving time and the African romance (Bumps through potholes). Africa flying safaris make your safaris even more enjoyable. As you plan your flying safari to Africa, we understand the fact that not every traveler has the time and passion of traversing Africa using 4WD safari vehicles. We know how complicated it is to spend so many hours on the road at the expense of poor roads, dust, and traffic jam. it is on this notice that as a company, we offer an opportunity for multi-African flying safari packages that are not only friendly to your pocket, but also enable you to adventure and learn more with the limited time without compromising on quality.

Formulating an itinerary to suit your flying safari needs close interaction between you and us because of certain requirements. Flying is great! It gets you to have a scenic tour as you transfer to your preferred destination. The reward is absolutely great, especially in Africa where attractions are so far away from each other. African flying Safari holidays overcomes the challenge of tiring transfers over rough and dusty terrain. You often land directly at the airstrip few kilometers from the exact destination – In fact, several travelers enjoy since they get to arrive very early at the destination, and refresh and perhaps get a chance to visit several remote areas in a short period. 

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