Budget holidays in Africa – Picture Africa in an angle of an egg, very small in size, but delivering incredible creatures and defying all odds. A continent that has faced all sorts of situations including the slave trade, colonial rule, pandemics and many more that have hatched a simply unique African safari destination, with so much historical mysteries, natural wonders, amazing cultures, hospitable people, unbelievable attractions as well as diverse languages.

Our Africa Budget holidays is tailored to suit your pockets yet offering satisfying experience that surpasses one’s expectations, it is a perfect choice to honeymooners with small balance from their wedding yet desire to have affordable vacations in Africa, adventurers who seek to discover the treasures hidden under the clouds of Africa, photographers in quest for photos in a natural wilderness, primate lovers, cultural lovers, avid birders, and scenic landscape viewers all in these vast continent. See our cheap African safari holiday destinations below.