Africa Birding Safaris – Discover the Continent’s Avian Wonders

Book the best Africa Birding Safaris and bird-watching holidays to visit the finest bird-watching destinations in Africa. Birding is one of the popular types of safaris in Africa, sought after by many tourists alongside gorilla trekking, cultural experiences, and other activities.

Africa is unquestionably the top and most favored birding destination to enrich your experience and adventure in avian biodiversity. Whether you're traveling as a group of birders, individual bird enthusiasts, researchers, or even as a school, you can explore all regions throughout the year. See some of our African bird-watching tours and safaris below.

Top Bird-Watching Tours in Africa

Ultimate Guide for Bird Watching in Africa

Birding in Africa doesn’t require any particular skills or technology but rather commitment, knowledge, and time.

You can have an African birding safari experience in many African countries, from East, West, and North to South.

However, the most rewarding destinations include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, among others.

Tanzania is a unique destination where birding is done with great success. You will spot a range of East African endemics and approximately 20 endemics in the country.

The prominent birding destinations in Tanzania include Ruaha National Park, Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Mahale Mountains, Tarangire National Park, Katavi National Park, and Arusha National Park.

See our recommended African birding safari countries below.

African Birding in Uganda

Uganda is yet a must-visit destination for all birders. The country has over 10 national parks, several swamps, water bodies, and mountains where birds reside and birding is conducted.

It offers birders a wide opportunity to spot over 1034 bird species recorded, with some being asylum seekers and others endemic to the Albertine region.

You can’t afford to go back without sighting your favorite bird species, such as the Albert rift endemics, shoebill stork, crested cranes, green-breasted Pitta, and many more species.

African Birding in Kenya

Kenya, as a birding destination, is gifted with a large spectrum of vegetation that favors the existence of different bird species.

Up to 342 bird species normally seek refuge in Kenya’s lakes, rivers, and forests from February to October.

The famous birding destinations in Kenya include Nairobi, home to the northern pied babbler and the great Pangani longclaw, Samburu gifted with the pink-breasted lark and the unique sunbird, Masai Mara with its rosy-throated longclaw and magpie.

Other bird species include Clarke’s weaver, Hinde’s pied babbler, Tara river cisticola, Aberdares cisticola, and many more.

African Birding in Rwanda

Though every traveler knows Rwanda for Gorillas, another treasure in this wonderful destination is its diverse bird species.

While here, visitors get a chance to spot over 600 bird species, in the main areas of the great forest of Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park, not forgetting Volcanoes National Park.

Here are a few of the birds hosted in the mentioned destinations: red-collared mountain babbler, Collared Apalis, shoebill stork, Albertine owlet, Grauer’s, and Neumann’s warblers, to name but a few.

Birding is open all year round, though the best time is during the dry season.

African Birding in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo offers unforgettable birding safaris to visitors.

It has the greatest bird biodiversity in Africa, with over 1185 species recorded, of which 32 species are globally threatened and 21 endemic species.

Some of the species are the Congo peafowl, tropic birds, flamingoes, Guinea fowls, pigeons and doves, Turaco, Bee-eaters, New World parrots, to mention but a few.

We are convinced that you will take a step in selecting the most convenient birding destination to discover. Book your African Birding Safari today.

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