Africa Beach Holidays – Want to experience the best beach holidays in Africa? We are at your service. When talking about Africa, majority of tourists think of flora and fauna, culture, cuisine and history. However, there is more to this beautiful continent surrounded by mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers and so much more. The presence of African safari beaches all around the continent has made the adventure more entertaining and amazing. You can have your birthday, graduation, honeymoon, relaxation, water-based activities, sports, family vacations and so much more in any of the beaches along Indian ocean, Lake Victoria, and Lake Kivu.

In most of these beaches, age is not restricted since several parents choose to have an adventure with their children. Couples are permitted to have their time together in the quiet waters sighting the beautiful rays of the sunrise as well as sunset, offering several adventure experiences. You will hardly find a crowd unless it is a festival, event time, peak seasons or some particular celebrations. The beach season is all the time and so there is no period when the excitement alternates as you indulge in several activities such as snorkeling, boat rides, sunbathing, shark cage diving, kayaking, sport fishing, dhow sailing, photography, whale watching, drinking and so much more. See our recommended Africa beach safari destinations below.