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Hot Air Ballooning in Africa

Murchison falls national park in Uganda. Tourist ballooning in this park is led by Dream Balloons which began its operations in 2011 with licence from Civil Aviation Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority. The operations of this hot air ballooning are done in the northern part of the park which is concentrated with wildlife such as the lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, antelopes among others. The park is known for hosting several species of antelopes compared to any other park in the country.

The Serengeti and the Maasai Mara in Tanzania/Kenya. These two territories are combined because they offer extremely the same experience and are praised for their enormous open fields, wondering the extent that the eye can see. These two stops truly are the image that everybody has in their mind when they consider Africa! Besides, both are home to a huge representation of the game, including the huge groups of the Great Migration. Thus, the Serengeti/Maasai Mara to all appearances offers the best expanding for game review, as it permits you to see the sheer volume of creatures in the two parks.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana. Numerous individuals guarantee that the Okavango Delta is the extremely best game-survey in the entire of Africa. I would unquestionably agree, however, what truly makes it stand apart is the view. From the long stretch of May to August, the Delta is overflowed with untamed life. There is no better method to see the stunning magnificence within this hub and the game that is pulled in to the flood fields, than from the air.

Namibia is celebrated for its shocking views, with Sossusvlei and rises to be the picture that first comes into view! In spite of the fact that you may well spot Oryx, springbok and ostrich-and increasingly the mind-blowing desert view. Little can set you up for the obvious complexities between the transcending brilliant sun rises and the distinctive cobalt sky. An excursion high in the sky bears a one of a kind chance to find the ethereal excellence of this generally photogenic of scenes.

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Tarangire might be an overlooked park in Northern Tanzania; however, Tarangire is undoubtedly a concealed pearl. This is a national park that must be remembered for a tour package for anybody searching for an off-the-beaten-track understanding! It harbours huge elephant herds that includes roughly 3,000 elephants moving into their kraal within the park, while its inside and out extraordinary profusion of game implies that it should be one of your preferred stops in the nation. Hot air balloon safaris take about 4 hours, after which one is rewarded with a bottle of Champagne and perhaps sumptuous bush breakfast.

Ballooning Safaris in Africa are full of ecstasy! Balloon safaris in Africa let you explore destinations from a bird’s eye point of view. The best Africa ballooning safaris take place in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. You should not miss out on this interesting activity on your holiday in Africa. It rewards you with a panoramic view of wildlife in their natural setting of Savannah and semi desert grasslands of Africa. Africa ballooning safaris are simply awesome.

The hot air balloon goes up to the height of 1,000ft which will be a rewarding encounter because it gives you a chance to view groups of the animals, beautiful scenery in areas of Serengeti plains, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Murchison Falls National Park among others, which is not possible on the game drive and boat cruises. Balloon rides give perfect chances for photography and filming within the basket up in the air. Below are some of the areas where you can find hot air ballooning safaris in Africa which will give you a rewarding experience and unforgettable memory.

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