Ballooning Safaris Africa – What do you know about balloon safaris in Africa? African ballooning tour is another activity you are not to miss on your holiday in Africa. It rewards you with a panoramic view of wildlife in their natural setting of savannah and semi desert grasslands of Africa. Africa ballooning safaris are simply awesome.

The hot air balloon goes up to the height of 1,000ft which will be a rewarding encounter because it gives you a chance to view groups of the animals, beautiful scenery in areas of Serengeti plains, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Murchison Falls National Park among others, which is not possible on the game drive and boat cruises. Balloon rides give perfect chances for photography and filming within the basket up in the air. Below are some of the areas where you can find hot air ballooning safaris in Africa which will give you a rewarding experience and unforgettable memory.